Monday, July 22, 2013

TdB and a Broken Hand

Le Tour, The Only Race That Matters...The Tour de Burg.

I was really looking forward to this race, 5 days of huge rides and serious chillin' in Harrisonburg. I would be sleeping on Ryan Fawley's floor, sharing space with Dan Wolf and 2012 Men's Leader Collin Becker.  Stage 1 started off at high noon on Wednesday with a timed loop up Boy Scout and down the other side. The descent would be a Super D run too, so I would take a shot at that. I went real slow on the climb and after some timing controversey later that night, was around 6th on the Super D. Not what I wanted, but decent after blowing way off the trail through a tight corner.

The second timed section was up Hankey then over to all the sick new trail on Lookout. This would have no Super D, so I wasn't real concerned with how things went. I just tried to not hemorrhage time on the climb and ride smooth on the ridge, although I did go over the bars on the last rock move. Oops.

Day 2 would take us over to Little Sluice and would have two timed sections. We started off with a party pace ride up to the top via a super slippery, technical trail. At the top we would start on some double track then funnel into some excellent rocky goodness. I had a decent start but got tangled up several times, which landed me further back than I wanted. Eventually I made some moves and was on Zack Morrey's wheel with Sue Haywood not far behind. Zack let me by quickly and I shortly closed the gap to Collin Becker. About 20 seconds ahead of Collin was the lead group and I knew I could catch up if I got by. I called out my pass and Collin moved to the side, but unfortunately I was going way too fast and things got out of control. I guess I hit a rock that launched my rear wheel into the air which usually isn't a big deal. However when I was doing a nose-wheelie for what seemed like ages, a rocky waterbar appeared and that sealed my fate. I had no choice but to slam it with my front wheel and I went flying end over end. I got back up and felt ok, I definitely didn't hit my head and wasn't in pain, yet. I told Sue, Zack and Collin to keep going and that I would be fine.
Driving is hard

I jumped back on my bike and neither brake worked. This would be an interesting ride out. I coasted for a few feet before hitting the first bump and that's when I felt the sharp pain in my hand and I knew it was broken. It was swelling already. I DNFed the stage and caught a ride back in the sag-wagon. Day 3 though was a road stage and since I was already down there I was determined to ride. I could ride in the drops with minimal pain, shifting was pretty easy but braking was...tough. The gravel descents were brutal...very slow going to keep my hand in relative comfort.
I finally hit up the Urgent Care and got some X-Rays. Third metacarpal fracture with some major angulation. I was hoping for a quick recovery but I had a feeling that since the bone was sticking up so much that I might need more than a splint. I consulted an orthopedic specialist and he advised surgery and a plate. Dang. Goodbye summer racing. I had surgery on Wednesday and my follow up is on Thursday, hopefully I get some good news. Maybe I'll get some sweet X-rays to see how the new hardware looks.
 I have been off my bike for almost 3 weeks and it is slowly killing me.  I should be able to make it to the SM100, but it looks like a party pace year for me. I might have to race CX this year, but we'll see about that. Vive le tour!


  1. Yikes! That sucks man. Take it easy Dan.

  2. You will be back in action in no time!

    The day u race a CX season is the day I take up knitting as my new competitive hobby.